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casement window with optional aluminum profile different glass

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A casement window is one type of window which is hinged to its frame.usually they are singly or in pairs shared in a frame and hinged outside.

Normally casement window includes hinging windows,by the position it hinges,there are left oriented (FCL) or right oriented (FCR)open type, awning window(hinges at the top) or hopper window(hinges at the bottom)


  • CMTW01


  • 7610100000


casement windowsAdvantages of casement aluminum window

Suitable to any style home.

Many aluminum profiles and window glass for option suit to budgets

Unobstructed view due to the big open width

maintenance-free aluminum exterior to resist water and stand up to the elements

Excellent energy efficiency and natural ventilation

Casement windows are also excellent for natural breezes

Screen or mesh optional to keep insects or bugs out during window is opened

Strong plywood package designed for international customers

Meticulous attention to each details of casement window

Warm Tips to buyer before deciding to buy a casement window:

there is no single window that meets all the different needs. As besopen dimensions and window manufacturer.
Lagunas technicians need to know some basic information, such as wall opening direction FCL or FCR ,swings inward or outward, thickness of aluminum profiles, ranging from 1.0-1.6mm, types of glass, such as reflective glass, insulation glass,laminated glass, tempered glass, clear glass, etc.

In order to know the structure of the casement window.the better is to send handwritten drawing or sketch provided engineers.Typically window manufacturers  illustrate the opening of the window with a triangle pointing at the hinges and the mechanical parts on the other side.dashed triangle representing inward open otherwise outward open with solid lines .in case a window mesh or screen is a necessary ,that's not a thing but just a notice to Lagunas.

Lagnas calculate cost by different structure and material consumption rather than square meter or foot,the reason to this is simple ,some small windows consumes more aluminum profiles and labor cost while nearly less than one square meter or foot. Window color or other details provided is welcome.in a word,a window sketch with details provided can shorten communication time and cost effective quotation usually can be provided within a day in case above details known


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