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Aluminum 125 broken bridge casement window

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125 series broken bridge casement window.
Hidden drainage
Avoid direct blowing; Gravity drainage; More smoothly
A diversion trough
 Reduce water accumulation and leakage
Fixed fan large area pressure line
The fan can be opened 180 degrees

125 broken bridge casement folding window advantage

Lagunas has launched a number of new products, among which the performance and appearance level of broken bridge folding window is updated to a new height, it is 125 broken bridge Casement Window.

1, hidden drainage

Avoid direct blowing;  Gravity drainage;  More smoothly

Between the fixed glass and window frame although there is a rubber strip or sealant, but the rain under the action of alternating wind pressure, along the fine gap into the profile, when the water will be from 45 degrees group Angle gap permeate out of the room, so it must be set up drainage hole discharge.

The traditional drainage hole is directly opened outside the window frame, the disadvantage is directly facing the wind, and the water is discharged from the side, the power of discharge is not enough, by a small wind pressure will be inverted.  In addition, the drainage hole exposed easy to plug is not beautiful.

The 125 series casement Windows adopt hidden drainage, which makes it more beautiful without seeing the drainage hole on the outside. The most important thing is that the drainage hole is downward to avoid facing the wind directly. The water inside the frame is discharged vertically, and the discharge force generated by gravity is much greater than the traditional lateral discharge force.  Avoid the wind blowing and increase the drainage pressure, so the drainage is smoother and more thorough.

02 a diversion tank

Reduce water accumulation and leakage

The edge of the window frame is provided with a diversion groove.  Rainwater flows down into the diversion trough all the way to the bottom of the window frame.  Reduce rainwater accumulation between sash and frame, thus reducing rainwater leakage.

3, indoor and outdoor glue free

Installation is more efficient and safer

Conventional Windows, fixed glass fans installed with a layer of sealant outside, are dangerous and inefficient.  And 125 broken bridge flat window completely solve this problem, in the indoor installation of rubber strip, before the factory, the outdoor side of the rubber strip has been installed, in the scene only need to install the indoor side of the rubber strip can be completed, faster than glue.

4, yarn fan can be opened 180 degrees

Reduce space occupancy and avoid Angle injuries

The unique design of the hinge, yarn fan can be opened 180 degrees, always leaning against the wall, greatly reduce space, but also avoid Angle injury.  Highlight lagunas humanized design concept.

, fixed fan large area pressure line

Increase indoor space to avoid dust accumulation on the outdoor side

When fixing the glass, the glass is very close to the outside to expand the indoor side area of the pressing line. Mobile phones and green plants can be placed, so as to increase the indoor space and avoid dust accumulation on the outdoor side.

125 broken bridge casement Window window condensed lagunas a number of advanced technology, further improve the window sealing performance and waterproof performance, appearance level and performance are excellent, once the market was praised, orders flooded.


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