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How do doors and Windows choose to avoid pits?

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Every friend who wants to buy doors and Windows may make such a murmur in his heart: "Every door and window businessmen have their own products said of the smallpox, but how should I know whether the quality of doors and Windows depend on it?"

Poor quality insulating glass after a long time of use, easy to cause glass atomization due to poor sealing effect, low light transmission. Individual door and window manufacturers will use PVC material to replace nylon PA66GF25 broken bridge insulation, PVC material weather resistance and stability is poor, long-term use will lead to deformation of window frames. The hardware handle of tall copy and rubber strip, quality cannot assure, must carefully screen before choose and buy.

1. Ask about configuration, not price

Doors and Windows store can provide a complete window configuration program, combined with the site for the collocation of doors and Windows products.

According to the house structure, orientation, lighting, rain water, eaves, windowsill height, interior graphic design, family members and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration of the matching of doors and Windows, and workshop doors and Windows can only be based on its inventory of materials to recommend the style of doors and Windows, and can not be tailored to local conditions.

2. Focus on professional service rather than just comparing products

When consumer is choosing door window, often pay attention to product, and did not pay attention to the professionalism of service team. The so-called "three points of doors and Windows, seven points of installation". The link of choose and buy that design and installation are in door window accounted for very big proportion.

Although the product is good, the size or design scheme is not accurate, will lead to the installation of a variety of details of the product defects. Choose professional service team than choose products, more important!

3. When the price cannot be reduced, learn to let the merchants improve the configuration

If the business explains, "The price can't go any lower." In this case, we need the most suitable configuration with the current cost performance, so that doors and Windows businesses use better surface treatment technology, coated glass, process glass, low-E glass.


The above is the guide to avoid pits in doors and Windows, hoping to help the majority of home decoration consumers.