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PVC Tilt & Turn Window PVC Tilt & Turn Window
PVC Tilt & Turn Window PVC Tilt & Turn Window
PVC Tilt & Turn Window PVC Tilt & Turn Window
PVC Tilt & Turn Window PVC Tilt & Turn Window
PVC Tilt & Turn Window PVC Tilt & Turn Window


PVC Tilt & Turn Window

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Tilt & Turn Window 
Open and inverted Windows with multiple lock points can greatly enhance the sealing of the window. 
The design of multi-lock points with mushroom head locks greatly enhances the anti-theft performance of the Windows. 
The use of inverted state, can make the indoor natural ventilation,
  • Tilt & Turn Window benefits

Tilt & Turn Window works by operating the handle of the sash to move the hardware actuator accordingly

The window sash can be opened flat or poured into the room to open a certain Angle for ventilation.  By rotating the handle of the window, the belt

Move the connecting hardware mechanism inside the window, so that the window is locked (handle vertical down) flat open (handle horizontal),

Windows in different positions inverted (handles vertical up).  Tilt & Turn Window has the advantage of being able to open a large area inside for ventilation, or open a small Angle inside for gentle ventilation for daily ventilation.  The important thing for this kind of window is hardware fittings, and the choice of good hardware is extremely important for this kind of window. Lagunas chooses HOPO Haobo window control's inner open inner window series, which is complete in configuration, including standard configuration, high configuration, beautiful hidden configuration, positioning configuration with any Angle, and high security configuration with keys to change the opening mode.

Adopt independent sealing structure, adopt double rubber strip double wool strip four sealing structure;  Casement Windows use isobaric principle, using a hard seal and two soft seal three seal structure, with excellent air tightness and water tightness.  And the use of insulating glass, improve the insulation performance and sound insulation effect.


Aluminum windows


Energy saving and Eco-friendly
Sound and heat insulation
Good air and water proof
Anti-aging and easy maintenance


Float glass, Insulated glass, Tempered glass, Low-e glass
Frosted glass, Reflective glass, Decorative glass


1.2-2.0mm aluminum profile


Hinge, handle and other accessories


Customized as per request


Sliding, casement, fixed, top hung, bottom hang, etc

Opening Style

Sliding, casement, turn-tilt, tilt-sliding, single-hung, double-hung, etc

(Size,color, etc)

As we are manufacturer,the aluminum window can be tailor-made as per all customers demand


Low-E glass, Tempered glass, Floated glass, reflective glass, etc
Single, double, tripled glass, double glass with grille
Thickness. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, Space: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 1 6mm, etc

Reinforcement steel

U form galvanized steel; 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm


Rubber sealing strip, black or grey color

Mosquito meshes

Metal and nylon material