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Aluminum/steel Garage Door

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Garage rolling shutter door integrated control system reserved remote control and obstacle identification interface, obstacle identification adopts bottom beam conductive rubber strip and infrared radiation installation at the same time, is not affected by the environment, high sensitivity.

Each curtain sheet of garage rolling door is two-way hinged to ensure close connection between curtain sheets, vertical rise and fall, save the top space, the diameter of rolling curtain is small, and the uniform speed is upward when opening the account, which ensures fast and safe operation.

The garage door produced by our company has the following characteristics:

  • Garage rolls are made of steel or aluminum

Curtain sheet thickness of double layer 0.8mm-1.5mm, the height of production can reach 9 meters to 14 meters (curtain sheet model from 60 to 120), production width of 4 meters to 12 meters.

Choose the diameter of 80mm-165mm shaft,80-100mm 6063T5 aluminum alloy guide rail.

Surface treatment: electrostatic powder spraying, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, long color durability.  Surface paint treatment, durability, weather resistance, sunshine resistance, rain resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance in case of slight collision can be perfect recovery, such as external damage can do single curtain piece replacement, can add lighting profiles between curtain pieces to let your car bathe in the sun.

A variety of installation options including external installation, internal installation, installation, space requirements are not high.  Does not occupy the garage door internal space, simple installation, fast construction speed, saving time, beautiful and fashionable appearance.

Safety protection device: infrared ray shooting system and wireless remote control device can be attached. Automatic curtain door anti-theft chain device is installed for rolling curtain garage door. The door body itself realizes anti-theft and is more safe.

Electric rolling curtain garage door driven by AC tubular motor or external motor,220V or 110V, power saving, safe, quiet, with thermal protection device.  A backup UPS power supply or a manual chain can be configured to prevent the door from being opened in case of a power failure.

Garage shutter door has deceleration buffer stop process, prevent collision track.  Equipped with infrared protection device and air bag protection device and other sensing devices, can immediately stop running or reverse running when encountering obstacles, to avoid pedestrians, vehicles or other objects caused harm.  And we set double-sided sealing brush on both sides of the door frame, with elastic PVC curtain at the bottom, which can be closely attached to the uneven ground, and the door body rises and falls quickly, playing the role of rapid isolation, dustproof, windproof, odor prevention, so as to ensure a clean working environment.


Aluminum windows


Energy saving and Eco-friendly
Sound and heat insulation
Good air and water proof
Anti-aging and easy maintenance


Float glass, Insulated glass, Tempered glass, Low-e glass
Frosted glass, Reflective glass, Decorative glass


1.2-2.0mm aluminum profile


Hinge, handle and other accessories


Customized as per request


Sliding, casement, fixed, top hung, bottom hang, etc

Opening Style

Sliding, casement, turn-tilt, tilt-sliding, single-hung, double-hung, etc

(Size,color, etc)

As we are manufacturer,the aluminum window can be tailor-made as per all customers demand


Low-E glass, Tempered glass, Floated glass, reflective glass, etc
Single, double, tripled glass, double glass with grille
Thickness. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, Space: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 1 6mm, etc

Reinforcement steel

U form galvanized steel; 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm


Rubber sealing strip, black or grey color

Mosquito meshes

Metal and nylon material